• The marketing and loyalty encouragement platform for shopping centres   

    Avila puts together your customer’s profile

    Make your business grow by favouring a long lasting and constant relationship with your customers by using engagement and loyalty programs.   

    Incentivise drive-to-store knowing that 90% of purchases are still offline.

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Attract customers

Animate your centre with instant win games to collect customer data and create a unique database.

Profile customers

Create the customer's Personal Shopping Profile on the Avila platform and group customers for homogeneous targets.

Involve customers

Feed the relationship with customers through marketing campaigns and socio-demographic surveys.

Customer loyalty

Rewards customers through competitions able to measure purchasing and frequency behavior.

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Prizes for encouraging loyalty   

PrPrizes provided through engagement and loyalty games.    


Distributed fidelity   

Loyal customers for your shopping centre.   


Receipts played   

Played by customers during the loyalty process.  


Shops in the centre   

Shopping centre brands involved that become stable partners in the loyalty process.   


One of a kind, I GIGLI shopping centre, opened in 1997 with 18 million visitors a year, 140 stores and 72,0000 sq. m. of floor space, offers spaces for entertainment, care and enjoyment through organised events and entertainment. With Akuerò they set up Italy’s oldest loyalty card, the FIRST to combine perfectly integrated technology and marketing. With more than 45,000 loyalty cards registered, GIGLI PASSES now stands for innovation, benefits and loyalty games.

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Managing the relationship with your customers has never been so easy. 

​Manage the database with a unique login and enrich it with the information from the games, surveys, purchase behaviour and the number of presences!
Do you want to know the store each one prefers?

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